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How does your fitness routine influence what you eat?

Overweight and obesity are two common prevalent problems confronting most European societies. In fact, a country like Great Britain has often been labelled as an “obese society”, where being overweight is considered normal. Most times the problem can be easily be traced to overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle. Many people have various reasons for not engaging in workouts, and you will probably have yours too if you care less about your fitness. read more

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How an Indoor Rower Is an Investment in Your Health

People exercise for a whole lot of different reasons. From losing weight to adding it, building power to keeping fit. Some people hit the gym to look great and feel good about themselves. For others yet, exercising is all about cardiovascular fitness. read more

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The Dos and Don’ts of Nutrition for Rowers

Diet can make or break the success of a fitness or sporting activity. And like any athlete, rowers approach the activity with particular fitness and weight management goals. Proper nutrition to fuel the body correctly is necessary to help maximize the athletic performance of every rower. read more

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