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Aviron Vs Ergatta (2024): Top Gaming Rowers Compared

Aviron Vs Ergatta: How Do These Gaming Rowers Compare?

If you’ve narrowed down your picks to Ergatta or Aviron, but you’re still having trouble choosing, I understand. I really do! Everything from the looks to the resistance is different, so how do you go about choosing?

Buying a new rowing machine can be pretty confusing. Try typing ‘rowing machine’ on the search bar, and you’ll see how overwhelming the results will be. Water resistance, air or magnetic resistance, with or without instructors, wood or steel, connected, gamified, recorded or live workouts – there’s a whole lot of choices out there.

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In a Hurry?  Here are the Rowers We Are Comparing:

If you are short on time and want to know which machine is better between Ergatta and the Aviron rower click on the links below:

  1. Ergatta Water Rower
  2. Aviron Strong and Impact Series

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To help you make an informed decision on which rowing machine to purchase, we have conducted a thorough evaluation of each machine, which we will share in detail in the upcoming sections of this article.

Our Promise to You:


 We have extensively trialed and tested both these machines at our office with our expert rowers. We have compiled the following findings for your benefit and hope you find the below information that our team discovered helpful:

Aviron Vs Ergatta Rowers Comparison Table

If you’re in a hurry or just looking for some quick specs, check out my quick comparison chart here:

  Ergatta Aviron Strong Series Aviron Impact Series
Overall Dimensions 86” x 23” x 40“ (LWH) 84” x 27” x 48” (LWH) 97” x 21” x 43” (LWH)
Type of Resistance Water resistance Dual magnetic and air resistance Dual magnetic and air resistance
Maximum User Weight Capacity 500 Pounds 507 Pounds 397 Pounds 
Weight of Machine 103 pounds with water 114 Pounds 93 pounds
Types of Workouts 4 programs- push, interval, racing, and open row 8 different modes 8 different modes
Size of Monitor 17.3-Inch HD Touchscreen 22-Inch HD Touchscreen 22-Inch HD Touchscreen
Monthly Subscription Fee
(Subject to change)
$29 $24/month, billed annually
$29/month, billed monthly
$24/month, billed annually
$29/month, billed monthly
Cost of Basic Machine
(Subject to Change)
$2,499 $2,499
(Snag the coupon to get it at $2,299!)

As you can see, these are very different machines, but perhaps one detail stands out for you that will help with your buying decision.

If you want more info, keep reading or bookmark this page for later.

I’ve set myself up for a challenge with today’s article because both of these rowing machines are world-class rowers with lots of exciting features. They are even within the same price range!

Ergatta Vs Aviron – What Are the Main Differences?

Aviron vs Ergatta Rowing Machine

Keep reading. I bet by the end of this article, you will find one of these rowing machines “talking” to you and say, “Buy me! I’m the perfect choice for you!”

At least, I hope so!

The Similarities Between the Ergatta and the Aviron Rowing Machines

First, let’s do the easy stuff, shall we?

You will find that both of these rowing machine brands share some similarities, as you will see below:

  • They are both interactive rowing machines
  • I found the workouts weren’t boring as the games and racing to keep you interested.
  • They both have monthly subscription costs, which incidentally is the same amount for both brands ($29/month), unless you opt to pay annually, in which case, you’ll get a cheaper deal with Aviron.
  • They both give you great full-body workouts in a few minutes a day, not hours.
  • They have high user-weight capacity. 
  • I found the both handlebars comfortable, along with the adjustable footrests, except that Aviron Strong has 4-way adjustable footrests and rotating handlebars – which is a nice added feature I have not seen before!
  • Both have computer-controlled resistance levels which are great too as it helps you reach your fitness goals faster.

The quality is certainly obvious with both machine brands, so there are no worries in that area. So how are these indoor rowers different?

The Differences Between Aviron and Ergatta

  • Ergatta is more compact than the Aviron machines, but the Strong Series is shorter at 84″.
  • Both Aviron models use dual resistance (air and magnetic), while Ergatta uses water resistance.
  • The maximum user weight that Ergatta can handle (500 lb) is more than that of the Impact Series (397 lb) but almost equivalent to the Strong Series capacity (507 lb).
  • The Aviron program in both models offers 8 ways to work out, while Ergatta offers four types of workout (push, interval, races, and open row).
  • Both Aviron models provide a 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor, while Ergatta has a 17.3 HD touchscreen. Aviron Strong’s monitor is not only bigger but also rotatable.

Can You Play Games on Either Rowing Machine?

A man rowing on an Ergatta in his living room

Yes, you can. Both Ergatta and Aviron are smart rowers that offer a wide variety of gaming options. By the way, if you’ve been playing those little “Go Fish” games on other rowers, don’t confuse that old-fashioned type of game with the video games these rowers offer.

What Games Can You Play on These Rowing Machines?

Imagine Mario Kart but instead of a steering wheel, you have a handle to pull. That’s a good definition of the type of games you will find on both Aviron rowing machines.

Ergatta is a game-based rower, but the graphics are different. If you think that the typical instructor-led workouts are a bore, you’ll find yourself completely addicted to the gamified rowing workouts that the Ergatta smart rower offers.

As you can see, Ergatta and the Aviron rowers are similar in some ways but different. Let’s inspect each of them more closely.

The Ergatta Rowing Machine


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Right off the bat, you can see that the Ergatta is one heck of a beautiful indoor rower. The Ergatta frame is made from cherry wood and handcrafted right in the USA.

It is designed to complement your furniture and will blend right in with most dining room and living room decor. If you put your Ergatta in the living room, someone is sure to ask where your cool, new video conference center came from!

Ergatta is made by WaterRower, the pioneer in indoor water rowers, so if you’ve seen or used one, you’ll notice right away that these machines look similar in design and craftsmanship.


Using water resistance, the Ergatta gives off that soft swooshing noise of moving water that makes water rowers so popular.

That doesn’t mean that this rower is loud. Water rowers make about the same amount of noise as water filling your bathtub. If you want an elegant-looking but quiet machine with the smooth action of water, the Ergatta is that and more!

Rowing Workouts Software That Makes the Difference

The Ergatta smart rower offers an interactive experience designed to make your rowing workout more fun.

One of the things I love about Ergatta is that as soon as you create your profile, the screen asks you to calibrate the rower by doing a 1,000-meter row. There’s a reason for that. Ergatta wants to know your current fitness level. No one wants workouts that are too hard or too easy. By calibrating the machine, you will get the perfect amount of resistance and speed to get you in shape quickly, without wearing yourself out.

The programs offered by Ergatta shown on my the touch screen

The Features on my Touch Screen

After every 10-15 rows, or sooner if you want to, the Ergatta will automatically recalibrate for your improved fitness level.

Ergatta Calibration Control

Ergatta updated the automatic recalibration feature. It now includes a calibration control function, which allows you to opt-out a workout in the automatic recalibration. Here’s how it works.

Say, you don’t feel great about a particular workout and don’t want it affecting the difficulty level of your future workouts, that’s not a problem. With the Ergatta calibration control, you can choose to exclude that workout in the next recalibration. 

Ergatta Tutorials

If you’ve never used a rowing machine before, Ergatta offers tutorials for beginners so that you will have perfect form before you know it.

ERGATTA rowing machine

When it comes to the workouts, you can choose from Push Programs, Interval Training, Races, and Open Row workouts where the amount of effort required will depend on which workout you feel like doing.

These aren’t the same old boring instructor workouts, but rather, exciting games and races that will keep you wanting to work out longer and harder than you would otherwise.

The monitor is 17.3 inches, and it’s super easy to read.

Each of these workouts contains explanations underneath them so you can easily figure out which type of rowing workout you want to do.

I own an Ergatta and find that these workouts are lots of fun and quite challenging, even for an experienced rower like myself.

Ergatta Interval Workout Screen

Personally, I like the Meteor workouts, where you collect points for each meteor that you catch. At the end of the workout, you can see how you stack up against people in your group and against every Ergatta user who has done the same workout before you.

There are no fitness classes, on-the-water workouts, live classes, or off-the-rower exercises with coaches or instructors, but don’t let that scare you. Ergatta will not leave you clueless. For instance, the Progressive Push programs tie together several Push Programs in the Getting Started Series to help you attain your first 1K goal.

You’ll no doubt love the serene open water rowing. When you want to row at your own pace, maybe watch Netflix on your phone, or just row to your own beat, you can enjoy Open Row, which features beautiful waterways and scenery from around the world.

Ergatta Monitor Choose Workout Scene

If you’re not a total newbie, you can skip the beginners courses, certainly. Still, you’ll find guidance in the form of another Progressive Push program called Power Camp, which focuses on sprint and speed training.

If you’ve ever played video games where you must accomplish a goal or a certain level before you can unlock new games or new levels, then you will understand how the Ergatta works.

Ergatta helps you understand your stats, control your rowing strokes, and improve your endurance level all while you play games.

Racing Games for the Competitive Type


If you love to be the “winner” then you will enjoy the racing games. Ergatta will pair you with others who are in the same fitness zone that you are so you will truly have a fair racing experience. It might be fun to race against world-class athletes to see how “badly” you will do compared to them, but after a while, you will get bored.

Racing against those in similar physical condition as you ensures that there’s a level playing field. This doesn’t mean you can’t compete with friends (now called Rivals) – the latest software update now allows you to challenge Rivals!

Ergatta offers community challenges every Sunday and monthly challenges for charity.

Who Should Buy the Ergatta?

If you are interested in performance-driven data or plan on using only a rowing machine to get in shape and lose weight, and if you don’t care about those rah-rah instructors but would rather enjoy playing video games and racing, then the Ergatta might be exactly what you’re looking for.

ERGATTA has a low seat

Keep in mind that the Ergatta is lower to the ground, so if you have issues with your knees or mobility problems, you might want to think twice about the Ergatta.

For everyone else, this is a truly unique indoor rowing machine, and as a fitness enthusiast myself, I can honestly say that I’ve never used an indoor rowing machine quite like Ergatta.

Is Ergatta Worth the Money?

Ergatta is well worth the price and the ongoing subscription costs. I mean, after all, how much of a price can you put on your health? You’ll find yourself using the Ergatta again and again and enjoying it each time.

The Aviron Impact and Strong Series Rowers

Aviron Rower Impact Series near a window

Get the Best Deal at Aviron  Compare on Amazon

Aviron has been making rowing machines for a while now. You may have actually used their commercial rowing machine, the Tough Series, in a hotel or company gym, or you may have seen the Impact Series model designed for home gym users.

Recently, Aviron announced the phasing out of the Tough model and introduced their newest model, the Strong Series, so let me tell you a bit about the Impact and Strong models.


Both of these smart rowers feature a steel-and-aluminum monorail frame that quite frankly looks like a cool piece of exercise equipment from Star Trek. I find the futuristic style pretty appealing, and when it comes to the overall rowing experience, the Aviron has a lot to offer.

Now, Aviron’s resistance system is different from Ergatta’s because it uses two forms of resistance – magnetic and air.

If you’ve ever used one of those air rowers at a gym, or if you’ve used an assault bike, you might be thinking “Air resistance equals noise,” but that’s not the case with the Aviron. Their unique system makes this rowing machine super quiet, maxing out at only 60 decibels, which is about the same noise level as an average room conversation.

Woman using Aviron Impact Series at Home

I tried out an Aviron Impact Series rower, and even though someone was in the room watching television, they didn’t need to turn up the volume, which is a good thing.

The Aviron Impact Series does have a much larger footprint than Ergatta, but the seat also sits 20-inches off the floor, which makes it perfect for those with bad knees or other mobility issues.

Aviron Rowing Machine Strong Series in Use

The Aviron Strong Series is about the same size as Ergatta, except for the seat, which is taller than Ergatta’s.

Again, if you have problems getting off the floor, you’ll want to consider one of the Aviron rowers.

The Impact Series rower folds into a compact size so that you can store it easily when it’s not in use. The Strong Series does not fold but has two front wheels and can be stored upright, just like Ergatta, without any wall attachments or special equipment.

What About the Rowing Workout Software with Aviron?

Workout Screen of Aviron Impact Series

Aviron rowers feature a large, 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor, which is beautiful and easy to read. This monitor will allow you to stream YouTube or Netflix on it if you want to watch videos or listen to music. You can also watch some other type of rowing workout, but with all the amazing workouts Aviron offers, I can’t imagine anyone using the touchscreen for anything else!

Aviron’s monitor also features a front-facing camera. At this time, you can take selfies for your profile photo or when you win a race, but that’s about it. I’m sure Aviron has plans to make this more functional in the future, so I don’t recommend rowing naked.

Once you’ve created a profile and start doing workouts, Aviron tracks the following information: the total number of workouts completed, output (measured in kilojoules), calories burned, meters rowed, strokes rowed, time rowed, average watts, average calories burned per hour, average min/500M (split time, or how long it takes you to row 500 meters), and your average SPM (strokes per minute). That’s a heck of a lot of metrics to track, and that’s not all!

Aviron metrics monitor

The Aviron rower has some really awesome games that will keep you totally engaged. If you remember the video game Brick Breaks, you will remember that you bounced a virtual ball and tried to break all the bricks on a wall to reach the next level. Aviron has a similar game called Row Breaker that is super addictive and will keep you rowing longer than you planned to.

Want to blast away bugs? Outrun a shark? Kill zombies or explore a mythical world via your rower? Aviron has all those games and more to make the entire fitness industry stand up and take notice!

If you are looking for another home rowing machine option then be sure to also check out my full article on the Xterra Rowing Machines

Does Aviron Have Fitness Classes or Racing Games?

While there are no instructor-led workouts, you can follow guided programs, race against professionals and non-pro rowers alike, earn bragging rights by competing with other rowers in the Aviron community, and do virtual rows through scenic waterways.

Aviron also offers off-the-rower workouts, and the monitor on the Strong Series swivels in all directions so you can easily see the workouts from the floor.

Aviron Impact Series

All these features in addition to the various gamified rowing workouts and arcade-inspired games mentioned above.

One of the things I love about Aviron’s workouts is that many of them are high-intensity interval training ( HIIT) on-demand workouts. This means you get the most effective workout in the least amount of time. You’ll have so much fun that you forget you’re working out! If you plan on losing weight, this is one of the best smart rowers for that.

Who Should Buy the Aviron Rowing Machine?

If you love immersive video games and prefer to work out without instructors, if you want an indoor rower that has fun competitions and lets you watch or listen to other options such as Netflix, and if you want to end boring workouts forever, then the Aviron is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Aviron Rowing Machines

Is Aviron Worth the Money?

No question about that – it’s worth the money and more! Between the interactive games, the 8 different ways to work out, and the plain old fitness fun you get from the Aviron interactive rower, it’s really easy to see why this workout experience is like nothing else.

Comparing the Aviron Rowers Vs the Ergatta Rower

I don’t know about you, but even after writing all that, I still find myself interested in both of these indoor rowing machines.

There are a few other differences that may or may not matter to you, but you should consider them before you make your selection.

Check out the comparison chart above for the details.

Of course, no matter which of these rowing machines you choose, you will get a unique rowing experience that is unmatched by any other home rower.

The Bottom Line

I know that I usually pick a winner or the best machine in this section, but when it comes to these two rowers, I simply can’t find a “better” choice here.

It’s like the old saying “6 of one, a half dozen of the other.” Both rowers are similar, and both are different.

Both of these connected rowers are easy to use and have fun, engaging workouts.

Aviron Rowing Machine Impact series

Get the Best Deal at Aviron  Compare on Amazon

Both have membership fees and prices that are nearly equal. The Aviron Impact Series Rower takes up a bit more floor space to use, but the Aviron Strong series is as compact as the Ergatta.

Ergatta doesn’t fold, nor does the Strong Series rower, but both of these will store upright, without need for supports, wall mounts, or other accessories.

Both Aviron and Ergatta have their own unique style, and which one you prefer is a matter of taste. Both machines are designed to make your workouts fun, and both have strong structural frames.

I think what it boils down to in the end is your own personal preferences.

If you want futuristic styling, have smaller kids, and need a higher seat, you’ll want the Aviron.


Get the Best Deal at Ergatta Compare on Amazon

If you prefer the natural look of wood and the calming sound of water, and you don’t mind sitting close to the floor, if you want to feel like you are really rowing in a wooden row boat , the Ergatta is no doubt made for you.

Ergatta rower vs Aviron rower. Both are fantastic smart rowers that are well worth the price, and whichever you choose makes you a winner.

Stay active and healthy, and happy rowing!

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