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recumbent rowing machine

A rowing machine combo is a great piece of equipment for your home gym, as you can get a great low impact workout that focuses on both your upper body and your lower body. Whether you are looking to burn calories for weight loss or to improve your overall fitness, an elliptical machine is a great purchase.


Rowing machines and elliptical trainers each offer unique fitness benefits, and fortunately, there are also a couple of machines on the market that combine the benefits of both rowing machines and elliptical trainers. Whether you are looking to tone your muscles or burn calories, these cardio machines are a great addition to your home gym.

Elliptical Rower 

Which gives a Better Workout, a Rowing Machine or Elliptical?

When comparing a rowing machine vs elliptical machine, consider what your overall fitness priorities are. Both are great workouts, but a recumbent rower might give you more of an upper-body workout whereas an elliptical machine might focus more on burning calories and an overall full-body workout.

In general, when using rowing machines, you can tone all of the key muscle groups in your body, as well as increase your overall health and stamina.

The best workout is when rowing machines are combined with elliptical machines. In these combo machines, you get the true full-body workout.

teeter rower combo machine

You experience a cardio burn from the elliptical aspect along with the muscle tone you get from using a rowing machine.

Here is a breakdown of some of the differences between these machines, so you can get a feel for the pros and cons of what you will be purchasing.

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Rowing Machine

recumbent rower


  • The rowing machine works what muscles you want to be worked, like the muscles in your lower legs – calves, glutes, hamstrings, etc
  • Chest and arms also get a great workout
  • The cardio rowing machines vs elliptical trainers are better at circulating blood. If you are looking to improve circulation, a rowing machine is a great option
  • Saves joints from pounding on the pavement and wearing out like on a treadmill
  • Improves strength and muscle definition


  • A bit harder to get a cardio workout than with an elliptical

Elliptical Trainer

best rowing machine combo for home use


  • Full body workout – exercise your muscles and your heart and lungs
  • Burns a lot of calories
  • Great cardio workout like running on a treadmill without the injuries to knees and hips that occur with wear and tear use on a treadmill


  • Not great for strength training and building muscle – better for cardio needs

Combination Elliptical Rowing Machine

treadmill and elliptical machine 

Rowing machines combined with elliptical trainers are the top of the class as far as cardio equipment. The best fitness workout comes from these machines, as you can exercise just about every muscle while getting a cardio workout and building strength. The next closest comparison for a cardio workout is a treadmill, but those can do more harm than good.

Even little-used muscles that you forgot all about will be worked out by combination rowing machines and elliptical trainers. A machine like this also lets you work out at high intensity while avoiding an injury you commonly see on treadmills – stress fractures and other overuse injuries of the legs.

The best question to ask is – why buy a cardio machine like a treadmill that is limited in its benefits when you can get a combination machine that will work out just about every muscle group in your body?

The Best Elliptical Rowing MachineTeeter Elliptical and Rower

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There is a clear winner when it comes to choosing the best elliptical rower. Consider the Teeter Power 10 elliptical trainer machine. This rowing machine works which muscles you need it to – all of them! Take a look at just some of the features of this – mainly why you no longer have to think in terms of rowing machine vs elliptical machine, now you can have it all!

exercise machine similar to elliptical

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  • This elliptical machine actually works by traveling in two directions, which means different muscle groups work when pushing the machine vs pulling the machine. This helps to burn more calories and also works to define your muscles, making a work out on this elliptical machine more effective than just about any other cardio machine.
  • This rowing machine works your entire body, even the lower part, which helps to burn calories while also protecting your joints. Your knees and hips will not take the pounding that they do when you are running on a regular treadmill. This works more as a low rowing machine than it does like a treadmill.

Teeter Power10 Elliptical Rower 

In reality, if you are looking for a combination elliptical rowing machine, there is one clear winner. This model from Teeter Power 10 offers everything you could ever want in a rower. There is no better workout to be had in a home cardio machine than what you can get from this machine. It is important you select a machine that can work out your legs, arms, and every joint in between, as well as your cardiovascular system.

Consider this Elliptical machine

Teeter Recumbent Cross Trainer Check Price


FreeStep also offers a good elliptical trainer – they have two options to choose from. While the elliptical trainers from FreeStep are not rowers, these machines do offer a similar arm workout as a rower, making them a great alternative, since you do get the cardio workout you would with a rowing machine.

machine elliptical 

Once again, these rowing machines help you decide easily when debating a rowing machine vs elliptical machine. When you can get a recumbent rowing machine that also works like an elliptical, it is clear you should go for the machine that does it all.
recumbent home rowing machine

There are two great elliptical trainers offered by FreeStep, and here is what they both offer:

  • Dual Power Motion
  • Quiet operation – easily listen to music or carry on a conversation
  • Variable magnetic resistance – easily control how much work your body needs to do and how many calories you want to burn
  • Large console – easily track your metrics, speed, calories, etc.
  • Coaching and support – their customer service team will help you with setting up your machine and they will provide you with an exercise guide that you can use to motivate you

More Benefits of Rowers and Elliptical Trainers 

Whether you are considering a rowing machine vs elliptical machine or using a combination rowing machine as cardio, you are sure to burn calories and increase your physical fitness. Using a rowing or elliptical machine means that you are getting a great cardio workout without putting the pressure on your joints that comes with treadmills and other exercise machines.recumbent home rower Cross Trainer ideal for seniors

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Research has shown that rowers and elliptical machines lead the pack when it comes to the best machines for a cardio workout. Vs. treadmills, they easily win since treadmills are known to cause shin splints or even worse injuries like stress fractures. While injuries are not impossible on a rower or elliptical, they are less likely because the machines run in a smooth motion, without causing you to lift up and put down your feet step after step, which can cause a repetitive motion injury.

In general, total body cardio workouts are known to improve a lot of different aspects of your health:

  • Improved circulation reduces the risk of heart problems
  • Increased strength helps fight off osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Keeping your weight in a healthy range makes you less of a risk for illnesses like Diabetes

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