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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

Does Rowing Help Flabby Arms?

Does a Rowing Machine Help Flabby Arms?

While no one can turn back the hands of time, there are many ways to vastly slow down the effects of gravity and Father Time.

One of the surest signs of aging is flabby, wiggly upper arms. Bette Midler once said that after 30, her upper arms moved so much she thought they had a life of their own!

No one wants to see their upper limbs like that, and you’ve probably seen tons of elastic bands for resistance training or other types of exercise that are designed to add toning to the arm muscles.

But here’s the good news! There is one piece of equipment that will give you killer arms without the need to spend hours doing arm workouts, and that’s a rowing machine.

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Are Rowing Machines Good for Toning Arms?

You bet they are! One of the best things about using a rower is that it not only gives you a terrific cardiovascular exercise, it is also one of the best ways to work out nearly every single muscle in the body, and yes, that would include your arms! Rowing is one of the fastest ways to get beautifully toned arms while you work out your entire body.

can you tone your arms with a rowing machine

Won’t Other Arm Exercises or Body Workout Do?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that using a rowing machine is the only way to get terrific-looking, toned arm muscles. All I’m saying is that it’s the easiest and fastest way.

Most people give up on arm exercises or other types of arm workouts for two reasons:

  1. They see too much too soon. This is true for women, at least. The majority of women do not want to look like the Hulk, and lifting weights sometimes does a bit too much in this area.
  2. They don’t see enough results soon enough, so they give up.

Can You Do Cardio and Arm Shaping Simultaneously on a Rowing Machine?

If you already spend 30-60 minutes a day doing some type of cardio workout, the last thing you want to do is to add another 20 minutes to that routine to sculpt your upper limbs.

Rowing does both at the same time. You work out both your lower body and upper body in one exercise routine. The benefits are endless, like you get to burn tons of calories, reduce fat, improve core and back strength, and increase your heart rate in one workout. All you need is a rowing machine and you’re set!

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Do Your Body Workout Smarter Not Harder

I don’t see any reason to add an extra 20-30 minutes to your already heart-pumping workout just to benefit your arm muscles when you can do it all in a single session!

Rowing will challenge you and because there is an infinite number of exercise routines that you can do, you’ll never get bored.

If you want to lose weight quickly, start seeing a tighter, more toned shape, including those upper arms, you should row!

Add a Rowing Machine to Your Home Gym

You may want to invest in your own home rowing machine. There is no better piece of exercise equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals, so it only makes sense that you would want to do your toning routine at home. A rowing machine is an all-in-one piece of fitness equipment. Its impact to you and your family’s health can never be understated.

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Imagine a single machine that serves all your health goals, from reducing weight to strength and endurance training. And because it has low impact to the joints (click here to see more low impact exercise machines), even family members who are recovering from illness or injury can safely start using a rowing machine for their fitness routines.

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There are dozens of rowing machines to choose from, and if you’re having difficulty choosing the right brand and model for you, this complete guide to rowing machines might make your decision easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does rowing help lose arm fat?

Yes, it does. If you look at some before and after pictures of people who have taken up rowing, one of the first things you notice is how firm and toned their arms are. This isn’t possible if the arms have a great deal of fat on them. To tone muscles, rowing burns the surrounding fat first before sculpting them to shape.

2. Can flabby arms really be toned?

Yes, they can. Just doing arm exercises isn’t enough, however. Your body will drop fat wherever it decides it wants to, but with time and a consistent full body workout routine, the jiggly flesh on the back of your bat wings will be a thing of the past.

3. What is the fastest way to get rid of flabby arms?

You need to focus on a healthy diet and getting in regular cardiovascular workouts, such as rowing. This is the best approach to reduce fat everywhere, including the arms. Reducing the fat layers in your target area will reveal the muscles, and constantly working out this part will build more muscle tissues and help tone and define its shape for good.

4. What exercise will tighten flabby arms?

You can add strength and resistance training to your workout routine two or more times each week, or you can simply use rowing as your complete workout. Rowing will work both the upper and lower body, giving you tight, toned legs, as well as firm up the back of your upper limbs, making them shapely and strong.