Hydrow Rower Review: Is It Better than Peloton?

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Are you looking for the home rower that’s going to last you for years to come? A rowing machine that has fantastic support, warranty, can easily replace your membership to the gym, plus won’t have you shelling out any more hard-earned money on parts and repairs?

Then you need to read all about the Hydrow Rower! It’s in a class of its own and if you keep reading you will learn why!

monitor features: has wifi connection, resistance level, monitor pivot, rowing technique help, pre recorded river workouts 


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Did you know that rowing workouts give you a full body workout?  Therefore they can essentially replace any membership to the gym, plus save you a lot of time traveling to and from the gym.


Why You Need the Hydrow Rower

Now that you know you need a rowing machine, your next step is to consider the Hydrow Rower, as it is far and away the best indoor rowing machine on the market. If you are looking for a workout experience like peloton that has live classes, optional membership, and even on-demand classes, you get that with the Hydrow.  It is really perfect home exercise equipment for every member of your family.

While you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee, the optional membership is well worth it because the classes will keep you engaged and coming back for more workouts!  They have pre recorded river workouts, instructors motiving you every step of the way – you won’t get that at your local gym!

Is Hydrow Worth the Money?

Absolutely! The bottom line is the optional membership pays for instructors that are going to help motivate you to continue using their rowing videos.

Would you rather a cheaper rowing machine sit unused, or is it worth a little extra money so the Hydrow can help motivate you to get the most from your home indoor rowing experience?

resistance type: water resistance system plus hd screen with wi fi with pre recorded workouts 

A huge benefit of this machine that no other company offers is that you will stay interested in working out.  You will love the fact that the instructors will motivate you, and you will feel less alone in your quest for fitness.

You will also find deals, such as free accessories or discounted payment options depending on the time of year, helping you offset the cost.

To make it easier for you to decide whether the Hydrow is worth the money, let’s weigh its pros and cons.

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Pros and Cons of the Hydrow Rower

After owning a Hydrow and using it for quite some time now, I’m still stoked by this rower, yet I also see that it’s not perfect for everyone.

Pros of the Hydrow Rowing Machine

Elegant design – the Hydrow is such a beauty and makes an interesting conversation piece. It can sit in your living room like sleek furniture and blend with your interiors.  

Stunning view lends realistic experience – What’s rowing without the view? Indoor home rowing used to mean facing rigid walls, but not anymore. With Hydrow, you get to experience live outdoor reality (LOR) river rowing right in front of you via the machine-integrated 22-inch touchscreen monitor and front-facing speakers.

Smooth, quiet operation complements the sleek design – Hydrow uses a computer-controlled electromagnetic resistance mechanism that makes the rower reactive, quiet, and frictionless.

Adjustable resistance – most workouts start at the default resistance setting of 104, but the computer-controlled resistance mechanism automatically adjusts depending on the intensity of your stroke. You can adjust the drag manually if you need to.

Bluetooth-capable – it is equipped with Bt 5.0, which means it seamlessly connects with fitness monitors and audio devices that are Bluetooth-enabled.

Ergonomic and comfortable – the cushioned seat sits securely on a ­10-roller system, ensuring a smooth glide as you perform your strokes. Instead of the usual noisy chain you pull on ergs, the Hydrow uses an industrial-grade strap.

Splendid workouts with real athletes as instructors – You can join live interactive rowing classes, which happen real-time five days a week on the average, with two sessions each day to choose from. Competitive leaderboards, racing opportunities, and engaging instructors will keep you looking forward to the next class.

Variety of workouts that are less competitive and more relaxing – It’s not all about competitive live and on-demand classes, there are journey workouts, too, if you prefer to explore pristine waterways by yourself and row in your own pace. Mat and stretching exercises, like yoga and Pilates, are also plentiful.  

Extensive guides and responsive support – The Hydrow website is a valuable resource for beginning and advanced users alike. For instance, live rowing schedules are posted a week ahead, and they also send you a personalized assessment if you’ve done the assessment workout. Things like that matter a lot to members.  

One membership allows for multiple user profiles – You do pay a monthly fee for the Hydrow workouts, but that membership subscription allows not only you but your family and friends to create their own user accounts on your Hydrow, track individual progress, and enjoy all the benefits of a member.

Environmental awareness and concern – You can’t contribute to environmental causes all the time, so it’s reassuring to know that as long as you continue to subscribe to Hydrow, you help keep the waters clean and sustainable because Hydrow donates part of what you pay to Water.org.  

A well-thought-out package – Hydrow is not just a state-of-the-art rowing machine. It’s the hardware plus the internet of things, team dynamics, and the Hydrow community that makes the Hydrow rower a unique workout option that stands above the rest.

Cons of the Hydrow Rowing Machine

Not foldable – You can’t fold it when not in use.

With a dimension of 86” x 25” x 47” (L x W x H), it takes up a lot of space and can cause floor traffic issues if you have a small house.

Storage kit is not included in the purchase of the machine – It’s possible to store the Hydrow upright, but you need to buy the storage accessory kit (which is very well priced I must say!)

Expensive – The Hydrow is a premium machine, and the price tag shows it. If you’re on a strict budget, this rowing machine is not for you.

Subscription is an added cost – The ongoing monthly fee is the most significant drawback that I can see, and it’s not something that’s about to change. I think what’s important to realize is that the $38/month you spend pays for the workouts, the professional support, and all the services that make Hydrow outstanding in the first place.

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Hydrow Rower Dimensions & Specs

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Hydrow Rower – Is This Fitness Equipment Worth the Cost?

This is a high quality piece of exercise equipment. Put it in your living room where you are sure to make use of both live and on-demand workouts. The reviews show that more people consistently use the Hydrow than do other people who own other types of machines.


If you want to get value for your money, you need a high quality machine – The Hydrow rower, and you can even share the machine within your household, as different users can set up accounts and track their own health progress right there on the built-in HD touchscreen, that’s a great benefit!

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Hydrow Rowing Machine Review: Is it Worth the Price Tag?

In addition to the price of a Hydrow rower, you can also signup to pay a monthly fee, but it is well worth it. In addition to a serene river rowing experience, the Hydrow makes it easy for any rower to use the HD screen monitor (touch screen monitor with wi fi) and software to let computer-controlled technology track everything from heart rate to rowing performance metrics.

When you are doing whole body workouts, a Hydrow indoor rowing machine  takes advantage of specialized resistance settings to elevate your workout.

hydrow rower set up guide 

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The rower comes with a free trial when you purchase it, so you can get a feel for the app and touchscreen display before making your first payment. The touchscreen makes this a top-of-the-line piece of equipment as all of your statistics are right in front of you, making it easy to challenge yourself to beat any of your personal records. This helps serve as extra motivation to keep working out!

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Who Makes the Hydrow?

Hydrow is an independent company that created this great product with a 22-inch display. Connect via wi-fi and take advantage of the unique software that was created to help you get the smoothest rowing motion possible.

hd touch screen with wifi & heart rate monitoring ideal for cardio workouts and air resistance training 

If you are a fan of rowing on the open water, a Hydrow looks like you are sculling across the top of a glassy lake.

The labor warranty means you don’t have to worry about a thing, as your purchase is under full warranty. The app and the product are designed to be flawless, taking advantage of a water resistance system and heart rate monitors to give you a great cardio workout.

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Hydrow Rowing Classes

Set your resistance type and get to work! The Hydrow experience is great because instructors will guide you every step of the way and help to motivate you to stay on your rower. Take advantage of the $200 worth of accessories that come with your Hydrow rower, and you can even do mat workouts to supplement your rowing workouts.

I have written an in-depth article all about their on demand workouts, serene river rowing, live classes, and studio rowing sessions – click here if you would like to read about them!

And if you are interested in the Hydrow rower private coaching sessions – click here to read my full article about this great feature!

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Watch this Hydrow rower video to see their fantastic classes


The nice thing about the classes on this live outdoor reality rower is that they offer is they have more than just rowing! You can also workout on a mat on the floor and get in some good stretching or bodyweight workouts that will help tone and strengthen your muscles. Not only will this improve your health, but it will also improve your rowing skills as well.

How Good are the Hydrow Workouts?

The Hydrow machine has an aluminum and steel frame that is made to withstand heavy duty workouts. With an anthracite polymer body, you do not have to worry about abusing your rower, as you can workout as hard as you possibly can without damaging it.  You can’t do that on cheap machines and if you do they really won’t last long!


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Magnetic resistance is behind the resistance mechanism that controls the difficulty settings on your rower. Using electromagnetic resistance, you can workout as light or as intense as you want on a particular day. The nice thing is you can toggle your settings if you are sharing the machine with others in your home who may be at different fitness levels.


How Do I Unbox and Assemble My Hydrow Rowing Machine?


The Hydrow Rower Assembly is Very Simple!

When your Hydrow arrives you are going to be so excited!  But before you rip open your box try to watch this quick 1-minute video which will walk you through the whole unpacking and stet up process – it really is quite simple, but it’s good to watch so you don’t make any silly errors. 

Remember keep an eye out for the quick start smart guide, it will make the whole process stress-free and easy.

You will be rowing in no time, it’s that simple – another reason why we love Hydrow!

This Machine is so Popular Even Celebrities are Using it!


Comedian and award-winning actor Kevin Hart has taken on the role of Creative Director at Hydrow.  You can even do virtual workouts in the on-demand library with Kevin through the Row with Hart workout! #RowWithHart

This is an exclusive scoop for the Hydrow Community – be sure to check it out!

Things to Consider Before Buying the Hydrow Rower

The Hydrow is an indoor rower that has hundreds of different workouts and techniques you could do. A great machine, it comes with a free heart rate monitor to track your fitness progress. The ERG machine actually measures work produced, and Hydrow machines are a great way to track cardio fitness.

buy the hydrow and get resistance bands & foam roller to help you meet your fitness goals & rowing workout  

You should know that the more you use your Hydrow, the better your statistics will be. Rowers are no good in the corner collecting dust!  And I’m confident to say that this rower won’t collect dust, as the workouts keep you so motivated!

Check Out the Hydrow Heart Rate Monitor

Space in your House for your Indoor Rower

Yes, indoor rower machines do take up some space. Fortunately, a machine like the Hydrow is designed to be able to move easily. The wheels mean you can store it away in the corner when it’s not in use, and it’s not so difficult to move that it feels like a chore to get it out when it is time to work out again.

You should also consider if you even want to move it out of the way. Sometimes parking the rower right in the middle of a room might make you use it more often! Who wants to trip over something that isn’t used? Whatever you need to do to get into a good exercise routine is what’s most important. Then, you can just wheel it and store it away when you have company over.

Read All About Hydrow’s Storage Kit for Rowers!

Comfort and Capacity – Even on Your Joints!

The 10 roller system means you will be rowing in comfort. Ergonomically designed, it will not cause your joints to ache after the workouts, and the comfortable seat ensures there will be no chafing.

Each stroke is completely smooth and almost silent, so you can row in the same room as someone watching TV without interrupting his programming.

Since the drag mechanism is electromagnetic this is the machine that will make you feel like you are rowing on the open water. No other rowing machine comes close to the authentic feel of the Hydrow.  You really have to try it out – I was blown away by how realistic it felt!  No more cold water morning rowing for me!


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A Word about Water Rowers

Have you considered other types of rowers? There are a few things that set this particular machine above the competition:

Motivating Instructors

Instructors will motivate you to use it! Don’t get an expensive piece of home workout equipment just to not use it. No other machine will motivate you quite the way this one does.

The Benefit of Shared Membership

Many machines do not let you share one membership, but with this one you pay one monthly fee and can create as many accounts as you desire, meaning everyone in your household can improve their fitness at the same time with so many different rowing sessions.

Unbeatable Warranty

sturdy handle grip and easy seat assembly seat roller system

You might not get as good of a warranty with a different type of rower meaning you could be stuck with a machine that doesn’t work or a hefty bill trying to pay to repair it.  Hydrow’s warranty is one of the best I have seen! 

  • 5 Years year Structural Frame Warranty – That really is impressive! 

There are some things in life that are just worth paying a little extra to get a quality product. Home gym equipment falls into that category. You are making an investment into your health and well-being and you don’t want something that is constantly breaking or you will stop using it.

User Weight & Dimensions:

The maximum user weight capacity is 375 lbs due to its quality Frame Structure 

Measurements are  25″ wide and 86” high & 33” long

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Hydrow indoor rowing machine offers a full body workout

If you only have the money for one piece of home equipment, there is nothing better than a rower. Where else can you get a cardio workout and a strength workout for almost all of the muscle groups in your body?

In addition to rowing workouts, the indoor rowing machine also comes with classes you can do on the mat. Get the most out of your workouts by adding yoga and stretching to help your muscles recover from an intense rowing session.

Why is the Hydrow Worth it?



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There’s no question that the Hydrow costs a bit more than some other rowers on the market. However, what you get for that money makes it absolutely worth it!

The fact that you can get access to indoor rowing classes and instructors sets this rower above the competitors. The optional monthly membership will replace your local gym monthly membership fee at a cheaper price, so you will actually save money by not needing to pay for a gym anymore.

You can get a cardio full body workout and a strength workout that hits just about every muscle in your body just by using one machine. There are not too many other pieces of gym equipment available that can make that claim.

Think of this machine as a replacement for your gym membership and as an investment in your health and fitness!

Happy Rowing!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Hydrow good for beginners?

There’s no doubt about that, the Hydrow is perfect for all fitness levels, including beginners. Your introduction to this fitness program will start with the Hydrow Beginners Training Camp. It consists of workouts designed to teach novice rowers, so there will be more explanations and instructions incorporated into each activity and even includes mat and Pilates workouts. With a computer-controlled resistance mechanism and fully online fitness program, you can be sure that your progress will be tracked systematically towards attaining you goals.

2. Does Hydrow rower have an app?

Yes, membership to Hydrow enables you to stream the workouts through the Hydrow app on your Android or iOS device, which you can access by entering the same logins you use on your Hydrow rowing machine.

3. Can you use the Hydrow rower without subscription?

Yes, you can continue using the Hydrow without subscription, and that is with the “Just Row” mode. Remember, however, that the Hydrow was designed as a connected workout machine, much like the immersive experience that the peloton bike offers, only with an indoor rower. The outdoor-reality workouts, racing within the Hydrow community, and online instructions and support are what the subscription pays for. In the Just Row mode, the Hydrow works just like a regular rower but still requires electricity and internet connection to perform its stripped-down functions.

4. Where is Hydrow rower made?

The Hydrow team is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA, headed by founder and CEO Bruce Smith. The physical product, however, rolls out from its production line in Taiwan. Hydrow receives orders through its website and ships out to customers in the US and mainland UK, and through partner stores in Canada, but hopes to expand to other regions in the future. 

5. Is the Hydrow rower compatible with an Apple watch?

Yes, it certainly is!  However, you will need to purchase the Hydrow Watch Link, which will allow the pairing to take place.  The great advantage about the Watch Link is that you can add multiple users, so if you have other family members that have an Apple watch then they can freely enjoy the benefits as well – at no extra charge!

6. Does the Hydrow rower have Bluetooth?

Yes, Hydrow is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which means that it can connect to heart rate monitors and audio devices via a Bluetooth connection, except those that require codes or PIN to sync.

Need More Info – How To Contact Hydrow Directly:

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