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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

Top 5 Rowing Machines Under 100 – That is Amazing Value!

Amazing Rowing Machines Under 100 - You'll Love Our Top Picks!

Have you been scouring the web for days now and still couldn’t find good rowing machines under 100 dollars? Believe it or not, there’s that value-packed budget rowing machine out there, waiting for you to find it and add to your home gym.

Really! But what and where?

I’ve asked the same questions before as a beginner, and you know what? I’ve vetted hundreds of indoor rowers since then but still remember with fondness the first machines I’ve used.

That’s what today’s article is all about, so join me as we go through some of the best rowers in the below-100 category!

Editors Choice Badge for Best Indoor Rowing Machine below $100In a Hurry?  Here are My Top 5 Picks:

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are my top picks for the best home rowers under $100:

  1. Sunny Health Fitness SF RW1205
  2. Sunny Health Fitness SF Squat Assist Row N Ride
  3. KUCATE Rowing Machine
  4. Livebest Hydraulic Indoor Rower
  5. Laisihee Adjustable Resistance Indoor Rower

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Our analysis of rowing machines is listed below in this article, where we have provided a comprehensive assessment of each machine. Logo

What Is the Best Resistance for a Rowing Machine?

Search results can easily overwhelm you, so what you need to do is decide your priorities. You might not be able to get everything you want in a rowing machine, but you can get what’s important.

First off, you should look for a rowing machine with varying resistance levels so you can grow into it.

Resistance, which replicates drag when rowing on water, should always be a deciding factor when buying rowing machines. Your fitness goals and needs are unique, so see that the rower you choose allows resetting the drag to provide you with a full body workout and the most benefit in each session.

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Different brands are calibrated differently. Some have 1 to 12 gradations; others have less. What’s important is that your home exercise equipment has enough settings to allow you to move up and improve.


For instance, Sunny Health Fitness, has a whole range of budget rowing machines packed with awesome features. The best thing about these machines? They are adjustable to different fitness levels. You don’t often get that in machines under 100!

Let’s see what’s in store for you in this price bracket!

Best Rowing Machines Under $100

I must say, only a few brands have specialized in this category, offering the best balance between affordability and quality. Here are my choices.

1. Sunny Health Fitness SF RW1205

Sunny Health & Fitness SF

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One of the best cheap rowing equipment pieces you can add into your home gym is the Sunny Health Fitness SF-RW1205.



  • 12 levels of adjustable hydraulic resistance, offering you a great weight loss rowing workout
  • allows you to easily keep track of health metrics like calories burned
  • comfortable seat


  • weight limit is only 220 pounds

The Sunny Health Fitness SF-RW1205 is the perfect rowing machine that you can get for your home gym without spending so much. Like the Stamina InMotion rower and Sunny Health Fitness SF RW1410, this is one of the best rowers on a budget.

Sunny Health & Fitness Feature

It’s not only the price that people find attractive in Sunny Health Fitness SF RW1410 but also the full motion arms and legs workouts you get with this indoor rower. Not any equipment can do that, making the Health Fitness SF RW1410 or even a Stamina InMotion rower great choices as well.

Lady working out on SF RW1205

2. Sunny Health Fitness SF Squat Assist Row N Ride

Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer

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Another excellent choice for a home workout is the Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row N Ride. This affordable rowing machine gives you a great full body workout and lets all of your muscle groups feel the burn.



  • digital monitor to track calories burned, stroke rate, and other metrics
  • adjustable resistance settings and squat depth
  • best affordable indoor rower for working out your glutes and leg muscles


  • not as sturdy as some other rowers

Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Motions on machine

This may not be one of the best choices for advanced rowers, but it’s no doubt a remarkable training machine in this price range, especially if your focus is your legs and glutes.

lady working her glutes on Sunny Health Squat Machine

3. KUCATE Rowing Machine

KUCATE Rowing Machine Rower for Home Use,12 Levels Adjustable Resistance Row Machine Exercise Equipment with LCD Monitor,265 lbs Weight Capacity

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The KUCATE rowing machine offers great value for money and is perfect for home use.


  • LCD monitor tracks health metrics and stroke count
  • 12 adjustable resistance levels
  • adjustable incline to make workouts harder and get your heart pumping
  • compact and portable


  • weight capacity is only 265 pounds

KUCATE features, monitor, foot plates

This is probably the best rowing machine you can get on a budget with a considerably higher capacity than the SF-RW1205, though not that much. It features an LCD monitor, resistance adjustment options, and smooth gliding motions.

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KUCATE Home Rower

4. Livebest Hydraulic Indoor Rower

Livebest Hydraulic Rowing Machine Full Body Stamina Exercise Power with 12 Levels Adjustable Resistance,Home Gyms Training Equipment Fitness Indoor

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The Livebest Hydraulic Rowing Machine is easily the best rowing machine you can get at this price range.



  • resistance knob is flimsy and susceptible to breaking
  • weight capacity is only 250 pounds

Livebest 12 level adjustable resistance

For under $100, you’re lucky to find a high-performance rowing machine like this one. You can row in high-intensity yet easy motions, working out both arms and lower body.

Livebest measurements

5. Laisihee Adjustable Resistance Indoor Rower

lady with headband working out

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Here’s another cheap option for a total body workout that will work out your legs, arms, back, and cardiovascular system – the Laisihee Adjustable Resistance rowing machine.


  • digital monitor helps track stroke rate, fitness level, and workout progress
  • ergonomic design
  • adjustable pedal straps

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  • pedal straps can wear out
  • arms don’t get a great workout

Laisihee Rower muscles worked

Getting a full motion workout becomes easier with this affordable machine. It allows you to do a low impact full rowing motion workout that will benefit your entire body without leaving your home!

Folding and storage options

Pros & Cons of a Cheap Indoor Rowing Machine

It’s a given that a cheap indoor rowing machine will not have all the bells and whistles that high-ticket brands offer, so don’t expect those. If you’re just starting out, you don’t really need the extras.

But hey, didn’t you notice that the features of these models are not the bare minimum?

Check Out our Buyers Guide for Rowing Machines

Whether it’s an LCD display or a metrics monitor that you want, these rowers have it. What’s most important is that you get full body workout without breaking your bank account.


With these cheaper rowing machines, you can work out and reap all the benefits without spending a fortune.


On the flip side, you might indeed wear out a cheaper machine quicker than one you pay more money for. You might also find that their monitors or warranty are not as high quality as the more expensive machines.

hand holding money saved

The Bottom Line

When you need to work out on a shoestring budget, your best choices are Sunny Health and Fitness and the other brands I’ve presented to you here.

Going back quickly, our Top Pick rower is the SF-RW1205 from Sunny Health Fitness! It’s hands down the best rowing machine that you can get for cheap. Plus, it can provide you with a lot of health data to help you track your performance. When it comes to the best cheap rowing machine, there’s not a lot out there that can quite compete with the Sunny Health Fitness SF-RW1205.

But let’s not forget our bestseller, the Sunny Health Fitness SF Row N Ride. It’s among the most versatile pieces of equipment you can find. It also stores away with a remarkably small footprint. No wonder people love it!  Side Note:  If you have a bigger budget I highly recommend you check out the Hydrow or the Ergatta Water Rower.

I hope this review will help you attain your goal to achieve full motion arms and legs home workouts by finding the best cheap rowing machine! Take care of your rower, and it should last a long time!