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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

What Is LIT Workout?

lit method on demand

Just when you think you’ve seen and tried every type of exercise machine and workout program there is, someone shakes up your world with something completely unexpected.

Have you ever given up on a program because they wanted you to do squats? Burpees? Other types of painful knee exercises? Do you hate running with a passion for pretty much the same reason?

I can totally relate. I’ve had knee and back problems myself, and if it weren’t for rowing, I don’t know what might have happened to me. I guess I’d be a couch potato or something.

LIT method in use

Anyway, today’s article is devoted to all those who want to get fit and incorporate strength training or other types of exercise into their lives but can’t do the running-jumping-squat thingie.

I’ve recently discovered a new workout machine that incorporates everything you want with everything your body needs to get fit and stay that way.

Have you heard of the LIT workout machine? If not, sit down and give me just a few minutes of your time. I’m going to blow you away with what I’m about to tell you!

What Is the LIT Method?

LIT strength machine side view


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LIT stands for Low Impact Training. The LIT method is a low-impact high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program that incorporates many different types of exercises to strengthen your body and improve your cardiovascular health without causing injuries. To accomplish these fitness goals, the LIT Method uses the LIT Strength Machine.

Everyone wants to get LIT, right? OK, not like with a liquor bottle and all that, but LIT as in on fire for your physical well-being!

Husband and wife team Justin and Taylor Norris created this machine for their gym studio in West Hollywood, California.

After Justin injured himself, he found that he was unable to do many of his old workout routines. Similarly, Taylor found that she injured herself over and over again with high-impact machines.

man working out using the LIT machine

It was this desperation that pushed them to think outside the box. In no time, the couple founded their new fitness company and produced the LIT Strength Machine and the LIT low-impact workout program.

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What Is the LIT Strength Machine?

At its core, the LIT machine is a water resistance rowing machine with a twist. It has anchors for resistance bands and a strength bar that takes the place of weights and dumbbells. There’s a pair of 20-lb resistance bands included in the machine, but you will need to buy the strength bar separately. All the exercises are low-impact training sessions that will get you in the best shape of your life without running, jumping, or squats.

LIT Strength Machine Specs LIT Strength Machine Weight and Specifications
Overall Size  7 ft x 1.75 ft x 1.6 ft
Weight 70 lbs (Empty) 89 lbs (With Water) 
Maximum User Weight Capacity 450 lbs
Maximum User Height 40” Inseam (about 6’9”)
Water Resistance Levels Between 10 and 40 lbs, adjustable with the turn of a knob
Resistance Band Strength of accessories included in the machine Up to 40 lbs of Resistance* (2x) 20-lb resistance bands
*Note: You may purchase additional bands or the strength bar for higher resistance and more workout options

The LIT Strength Machine is like a total gym in a single piece of exercise equipment. There are no batteries or electricity needed to operate it, but it is Bluetooth-equipped.

This means that you can use your tablet or cell phone to access the LIT workout app, then use Bluetooth to cast it to your television or another device.

LIT method monitor

You can also use your Bluetooth-enabled headphones, Apple Watch, FitBit watch, and/or third-party heart rate monitor.

While it’s true that you do need some space to use the equipment, the machine stores vertically so it only takes up about as much space as a dining room chair. It also has transport wheels so you can move it easily.

LIT app

LIT classes are all the rage, but if you can’t get to Taylor and Justin Norris, they will come to you via the LIT Strength Machine.

What Is High-Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT has actually been around for quite some time. Aspiring or professional athletes use this type of workout program because they get more out of it than any other workout program imaginable.

LIT strength machine various workouts

HIIT involves doing short periods of intense exercise, combined with short periods of rest.

This type of exercise has multiple benefits, including calorie burn for hours after you stop exercising and it’s a real fat blaster!

woman showing how to use LIT machine

For example, a typical HIIT workout may involve running on the treadmill as fast as you can for 1 minute, then slowing down to say 3 MPH for 30 seconds, then repeating this sequence for 20 minutes.

The low-impact exercises done during LIT classes are every bit as effective, except that there is no treadmill.

man using resistance bands of LIT machine

So What Does a Typical HIIT LIT Class Look Like?

The LIT Certified Instructors do live and on-demand classes that incorporate multiple types of exercise programs.

LIT method strength machine in use

For example, you may find that, after your warm-up, you do a 500-meter row as fast as you can, and get off of the machine to do some serious Pilates to stretch those muscles. After just a minute, you may get back on the rower and do another 500-meters, then get off and use the resistance band to do some high-intensity strength training on your biceps.

When you open up the app, you can choose from a wide range of LIT classes and programs, including physical therapy, Barre, strength training, Pilates, core, cardio, and of course, rowing.

man working out using the LIT method

This one machine does what an entire gym can do, and you don’t need to leave home and find safe parking!

Everything You Need and More

Whatever your goal is, LIT classes and the LIT Strength Machine can help you get there faster, and you can do it all from your living room!

LIT method used indoors

The water rower is first-rate and the combination of exercises that you can do with the Strength Machine builds bodies and can help you to drop those extra pounds.

I love the instructors on the app! They give you real-time shout-outs so you stay motivated to go that extra mile (or meter!) while delivering real results.

LIT instructors on the app

The app also has a chat feature, so you can connect with other users and make new friends, just like you would at the gym, minus the hassle.

The Bottom Line

If you love rowing but want more than just a rowing machine, the LIT Strength Machine and LIT classes are exactly what you’re looking for.

LIT method rowing machine

In addition to the Lifetime Warranty (read that again!) on the machine frame, you can try the LIT Strength Machine and see how it performs for 30 days at no cost. Yes, you need to pay to return it, but who would do that??

You may also want to check out their financing offer, which makes it possible for you to get LIT now and pay later (at $48.62 monthly over 36 months).

Try the LIT Strength Machine today and look forward to a fitter future!

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