Rowing Crazy


“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

What Is Rowing Good For?

What Is Rowing Good For?

You wouldn’t invest in a rowing machine without knowing its benefits, would you? I bet you won’t, and you’d be right.

So is rowing good for you? Here’s the simple truth.

Rowing gives you a low-impact full-body workout, helps you elevate your heart rate, and promotes weight loss without the risks associated with high-impact regimens.

But that’s not all.

Using a rowing machine is life-changing. The best part? The life it’s going to change is yours! Come join me as I share with you more about rowing!

What Are the Benefits of Rowing?

Rowing is a total body exercise, making it possible for many people to reap benefits they didn’t even think about when they started their exercise regimen. It’s even great for people recuperating from illnesses, which illustrates how low impact this body workout is.

So what does this mean for you? Here’s what.

How Can Using a Rowing Machine Help You

Using a rowing machine as a part of your fitness regimen is a great way to burn calories, increase your full body strength, and tone muscles in your arms, legs, lower back, and upper back.

It means that a rowing machine is the real deal if you want to get in a high-intensity workout, do strength training, build endurance, and lose weight (if paired with the right diet). All these in one piece of equipment!

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How to Keep Going with this Type of Regimen

You’re out to change your life, remember? It’s not going to happen if you don’t do it right. So how? Two things.

First, you need to ask yourself what motivates you. Are you trying to become a better athlete? Fight off the aging process? Get stronger? Knowing what drives you will keep you going even on a sluggish day.

Second, you should commit 4 or 5 days every week for at least 30-60 minutes every day. This way, you give your body the best chance to get stronger.

Once you’ve got this to your system, nothing will stop you from attaining your fitness goals!

Yet, you may still have doubts. What if I already have other, meaner fitness machines?

Rowing Machine Vs. Other Type of Workout Equipment

I’m telling you, if you could only afford one piece of gym equipment, let it be a rowing machine. Period.

You get all the benefits of indoor rowing and aerobic exercise; all rolled into one. Yes, I’ve mentioned them before, but they bear repeating. It elevates heart rate and works out all the major muscle groups, and you only have to use one machine to meet all your fitness goals.

Let’s see how it compares with other gym equipment.

Dumbbells and bench presses might work out your upper body major muscle groups, but then you miss your leg muscles. A treadmill might work out your lower body but completely misses your upper body.

Besides, the best type of aerobic exercise is low impact, which means indoor rowing machines are a better option than just about any other type of fitness equipment that a person can have at home.

Once you perfect your row stroke and form, you’re going to attain the full benefits of rowing. Now, now, what’s a good rowing form all about? More on that below.

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Start Your Rowing Regimen Right

Whenever you start an exercise program, make sure to get the most out of it by correctly performing the routines. Row with the correct form so you are sure to work out your back muscles and reap all of the benefits from a workout on a rowing machine.

It also doesn’t take much skill to be a good rower using an indoor rowing machine since the equipment practically puts you in the right position to row correctly.

Can You Get Injured Rowing?

Sure, any exercise has the potential to injure you, especially if you do too much too soon after not working out in a long time. That said, rowing machines are just about the least risky machine for you to use.

The effort you apply on the equipment is low impact, and your legs aren’t pounding on the pavement (which can cause stress in your shins). You are also not lifting so much weight that you risk getting a hernia.

Make no mistake, though.

Rowing machines are a safe way to exercise as long as you know your limitations. If it’s been years since you last worked out, it’s wise to take it low and slow even with a low impact machine like a rower.

Does Rowing Count as Cardio?

Absolutely! A rowing machine workout can be the best piece of equipment for your home gym. Your upper and lower body will benefit from the rowing regimen that you build into your exercise routine. Not only that. It also serves as a strength training tool, a cardio workout, and a way for you to work towards weight loss if that is a goal.

Plus, there are countless rowing machine benefits for people of varying fitness levels. You can even shift to a home workout on an indoor rower in your living room to replace an expensive gym membership.

Can it possibly get better than that? No way!

In fact, you can look up any rowing machine web site to get loads of health information on what you will gain by doing a good rowing workout. The benefits of rowing machines are seemingly endless, from possibly eliminating your upper and lower back pain to strengthening your lower body and arms.

How about Strength?

I know you’d like to hear about this, and let me assure you. Yes, rowing counts as both a cardio and strength workout. Your muscles work hard rowing both pulling and pushing.

Come to think of it-

There’s not many fitness exercises out there that can get your major muscles worked out with the least impact. And that’s what rowing does! It’s the best form of exercise not only for specifically targeted muscle groups but for your whole body.

A helpful tip: If you want to build a lot of muscle, you might want to add weightlifting. Still, you will always need cardio, and this is the only cardio workout that positively builds strength in so many different muscles.

Talking about cardio, why don’t we get to the heart of the matter?

Rowing Machine Benefits for Cardiovascular Fitness

Here this – It’s always better to use a rower than a treadmill for cardio workouts.

Why do I say that?

With cardio machines, you get all the benefits without the risk of injuries that come with repetitively using treadmills.

The important thing to consider about cardiovascular exercise is you want something that increases your heart rate but does so in a low impact way, so your joints don’t get injured. This is why rowing machine workouts are great since you get the benefits without the pain and injuries often associated with other types of equipment and workouts.

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Important Tips for Rowing

So how do you get the most out of your rowing experience?

There’s no secret, really, but there’s no magic, either. Here’s what you need to remember.

Set a schedule that includes built-in off days. This will give your body a chance to rest and recover from the workout, while also exercising regularly to gain strength.

It’s good to have a game plan about how often you will be exercising every week to make it harder for you to back out.

Like any exercise, rowing will sometimes be something you’re geared up for, and other times something that you’ll need a good pep talk for just to get started.

Get a blood workup done and your health metrics taken before you start working out. Repeat 6 months later after regularly using a rowing machine. Compare the results.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised how much adding a good cardio workout into your life will improve your health. So what’s stopping you?

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