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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

Why Is My Hydrow Rower Not Turning On?

Why is my Hydrow not turning on

Oh no, are you having trouble turning on your Hydrow?  I hope my tips will help you out and get you back rowing in no time!

My Hydrow Won’t Turn On!

Hydrow suggests that you don’t unplug the power cord or turn off the machine unless necessary.

Like a home computer, Hydrow will go into sleep mode to save electricity and update itself automatically.

How Do You Wake Up Hydrow?

What do you do if you had to turn off your Hydrow, and now it won’t turn on again?

How Do You Wake Up Hydrow

Follow these steps first:

  1. Unplug your Hydrow from the electrical wall outlet. Plug in another electric device to ensure that juice is getting to the outlet. If the other device works, move on to step 2.
  2. Near the front feet is where Hydrow receives its power. Unplug that cord, then plug it back in. Push it firmly to ensure there is a good connection.
  3. Go to the back of the monitor and do the same. Unplug all the connections one at a time and then reconnect them with a firm push.
  4. The power switch for Hydrow is just outside the front legs. Turn it off and leave it off for at least 10 seconds.
  5. Plug the electrical cord back into the wall outlet.
  6. Turn Hydrow on using the power switch. Remember that the circle means off and the line means on. (I get those symbols confused all the time!)

What If These Steps Don’t Work?

It’s possible that the power cord itself has been damaged. It’s a fairly generic cord, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding another device in your house with this cord, or you can pop over to an electronics store to buy a new one.

Turn off your Hydrow and replace the power cord. Wait 10 seconds, then try the power switch again.

That Didn’t Work Either- What Can I Do Now?

a guy wondering what to do with a Hydrow that won't turn on

Is your Hydrow plugged into a power strip?

It’s totally possible that one outlet will go out while the others work fine.

Try connecting your Hydrow to another power strip outlet or plugging it directly into a wall outlet that you know works fine.

Some “green” power-saving electrical strips won’t let you run two high-electric-draw items at one time. Unplug the other items on the strip and see if that works.

Last, many power strips are also designed to be surge protectors. Check if the strip flipped its “circuit breaker”. Most have a switch or a reset button. Try to reset the power strip or try a different power strip.

Can I Reboot My Hydrow?

Yes, you can.

I think everything and everyone can benefit from a good “boot” now and again.

To reboot your Hydrow, turn the power switch off.

Wait at least a full 10 seconds ( I always wait for 30 seconds just to be sure) then turn the switch back on again.

Don’t reboot Hydrow if it is performing an update unless you are instructed to do so by a professional at Hydrow.

Can I Do a Factory Reset?

Coach Max Secunda selecting a workout from his Hydrow touchscreen monitor

Yes, you can.

If you need to change your time zone, clean up the Wi-Fi passwords, or if you want to clear out all old data, a factory reset will work just fine.

Be sure that you have your Wi-Fi password and user name saved somewhere. You will need to add this info again.

  1. Tap the settings icon.
  2. Look for “Systems” settings.
  3. Tap on Factory Reset.
  4. Follow the prompts and select Continue.
  5. It may take 2-4 minutes for Hydrow to reset.

This will not cause you to lose your monthly membership, and you won’t lose your workout data. Once you sign in again with your username, all your data will be restored.

The Bottom Line

For best results, whenever possible, leave your Hydrow plugged in and turned on.

If you are still having problems after following the above instructions, contact Hydrow customer support or chat with an expert online using the Hydrow site.

Stay healthy and active, friends, and enjoy rowing!