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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

Why Is My Ergatta Not Connecting to WiFi?

How Do I Connect My Ergatta to the Internet

Hi friends! This is Petra again, and today, I want to talk to all you Ergatta owners.

Aren’t you just in love with your Ergatta? I know, I am. I’ve never had a water rower that was this much fun before!

Whether you’re a fan of the live races or the Meteor workouts, one common problem we all share (besides missing a meteor!) is when your Ergatta says that it can’t connect to the internet.

Super annoying, right?

The good news here is that there is an easy fix for nearly everyone.

Let’s tackle this problem head on, shall we?

How Do I Connect My Ergatta to the Internet?

If you’re new to Ergatta, the setup could not be any simpler.

After you have made all the proper connections, turn on the monitor using the button on the back.

You should see a WiFi screen like this:

Ergatta WiFi selection screen

Select the network that you want to use and type in the password. Select Connect and your Ergatta should connect immediately.

If you don’t want to use wireless, or you don’t have wireless, or your internet connection is quite slow, you can plug an ethernet cable directly into your modem/router and then into your Ergatta.

You can find the ethernet cable port on the back of the monitor (sitting in the rowing machine’s seat). It’s the middle port on the left side that says RJ45.

detail showing Ergatta's ethernet cable port

If you are still having problems, try the troubleshooting guide in the next section.

My Ergatta Won’t Connect to My WiFi

If your Ergatta gives you an error message that reads, “Can’t connect to home wifi network” (It usually gives you the name of the network that it can’t connect to), try these things first.

  1. Be sure that you are typing the right password, or make sure that someone hasn’t changed the WiFi password. This happened to me once. My husband changed the password and forgot to tell me. Triple-check the password.
  2. Try connecting your Ergatta to another internet device, such as using your cell phone as a hotspot. If your Ergatta connects to your phone, then the problem is still with either the password or the WiFi setup itself.
  3. If you are certain that the WiFi password is OK, let’s access the settings on your touchscreen.
  4. From the WiFi setup screen, tap the left-hand corner 7-15 times quickly.
  5. This will exit Ergatta’s programming and take you to the tablet’s home screen.
  6. From the home screen, select settings, then Network & Internet, then WiFi.
  7. From here, you should be able to access your home WiFi network.
  8. Turn the power button off by holding it down for 3 seconds, then turn it on again.

If you are still having trouble connecting, it could be that your Ergatta is too far away from the modem. Try moving it to a different location.

If you can connect other devices, or if your Ergatta will connect from a hotspot, contact the support team at Ergatta directly here.

Can I Use Ergatta Without WiFi?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can technically use the rowing machine. The water tank and handle will work just fine without any electricity or without an internet connection.

However, why would you want to?

I mean, in a dire emergency where power is out for an unknown amount of time but you still want to exercise, by all means, go ahead.

However, using Ergatta without the app makes Ergatta just another rowing machine.

You won’t be able to access any of the programs, it won’t save any of your data, and you won’t even know how far or how hard you’ve been rowing without WiFi access.

Yes, in an emergency, you can use your Ergatta, but personally, I’ll just wait for electricity and WiFi to be restored and enjoy Ergatta’s full features.

The Bottom Line

Nearly all problems can be solved by checking your WiFi password, setting up WiFi from the tablet’s main screen, or moving your Ergatta to a better location.

If you still can’t get your Ergatta to connect after following these steps, contact the helpful support team at Ergatta.

Stay active and healthy, friends, and enjoy rowing on your Ergatta!