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Why You Need the Hydrow Upright Storage Kit & Wall Mount

Why You Need the Hydrow Upright Storage Kit

If you’re a proud owner of a Hydrow rowing machine, you might be wondering what your option is for storing the device when not in use.

You might also be on the verge of buying a Hydrow but are considering if storage will be a problem. So let’s ask a very obvious question, and a most important one at that.

Does the Hydrow Fold Up?

No, the Hydrow doesn’t fold up. The nearest thing to folding that it can do is collapse its neck so you can stow the monitor down.

If you’re thinking that storage can be a problem, that’s where you’re wrong. The Hydrow rower doesn’t fold because it’s meant to be stored in a different way.

How to Store Hydrow Rower When Not in Use 

While many Hydrow owners love to show off their Hydrow and rarely stows their rower away, you can actually store your Hydrow vertically. When stored upright, a Hydrow occupies very little space, and all you need is a Hydrow upright storage kit to secure it to a wall. 

After the kit is installed, you can store the device with the following steps:

  1. Unplug your Hydrow from the wall outlet.
  2. Move the monitor into storage position by lifting on the base of the monitor while pressing the fold button on the neck of the Hydrow and gently lower the monitor into a collapsed position.
  3. Slide the Hydrow’s seat towards the front of the rail.
  4. Lift the back legs and tilt the Hydrow forward onto the front wheels (be careful not to pinch the cord!)
  5. Position the wheels so that the stickers that read “Storage” are in place.
  6. Holding the Hydrow with one hand, use your other hand to grab the storage strap, wrap it around the rail and behind the back legs, and then clip in place to secure and store your Hydrow vertically.

I hope this description helps! If you are unsure about whether you can lift or hold the weight of your Hydrow, have a friend help you the first time you mount the rower using the storage kit.

The Hydrow Upright Storage Kit

Let me tell you more all about this simple but ingenious device.

hydrow logo 

Hydrow Upright Storage Kit

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Watch our video where Max Secunda (Rowing Expert) shows you how to use the Hydrow Storage Kit:

The Hydrow measures 86 inches (218.4 cm) long and 25 inches wide (63.5 cm). That is a fairly long footprint, but if you wish to store it upright, then all you need is the Hydrow Upright Storage Kit to reduce storage space to 25 inches wide x 33 inches long on the floor and a height of 86 inches.


The storage kit can’t  reduce the Hydrow’s height (or length, depending on which way the device is positioned), but it can make it a bit less obstructive by allowing you to secure your Hydrow vertically to the wall.

Hydrow Upright Storage Kit Information and Features

The storage kit product allows you to secure the Hydrow to a wall to save space and have a smaller footprint (25 inches x 33 inches) in your living space. The kit comes with fasteners to secure the storage hook to either drywall or masonry, such as bricks or concrete blocks.

The wall hook is only 2.5 pounds or slightly more than one kilogram. This storage kit has a one-year warranty and is silver/black in color.

Check Out our Buyers GUide for Rowing Machines

The product comes with a set of full and detailed instructions for mounting, and most customers say that the information and description is spot on!

In order to work properly, the storage kit must be properly mounted, so be sure to read the instructions and description properly. Hydrow customers love this product and you will as well!

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Upright Storage Kit

Why You Need a Hydrow Upright Storage Kit

While you might plan to use your rower every day, there might come a time when you want to stow your Hydrow product out of the way. It could be that you need more space for your kids, or you’re going on a holiday and won’t be using the rower over a long period. The Hydrow Upright Storage Kit is designed for that purpose. It’s a nifty option to keep your rower safe, secure, and using up a small footprint.

Buy your upright storage kit today, and you’ll never need to worry about storing your rower again!

hydrow upright storage kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I store my Hydrow rower?

You can store your Hydrow under a bed or slide it on the floor of a closet, but if you wish to store it upright, you should protect your investment by purchasing a Hydrow Upright Storage Kit.

2. Does Hydrow fold up?

Not exactly. While the seat and rails do not fold, the monitor does fold down so that the device can be stored upright. Storing the Hydrow vertically makes for a much smaller footprint in your home or shop.

3. Does the Hydrow upright storage kit come in other colors besides silver/black?

At this time, no. The Hydrow Upright Storage Kit is only available in silver/black color selection.

4. Can I store Hydrow outside?

You should not store your Hydrow directly outside (such as an uncovered part of your yard or patio). The monitor should be protected from direct sunlight, and while the rower is quite sturdy, it should be kept in temperatures of -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) when not in use. Use the Hydrow Upright Storage Kit to store your Hydrow vertically in a safe location, such as a home gym, garage, or other protected space.

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