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The Right Way to Use a Rowing Machine

Overlooked, underappreciated, and once relegated to the backyard, the rowing machine is fast becoming a sought after cardiovascular workout. In fact, there are many boutique studios and gyms now open in UK that are specially dedicated to only rowing sessions. The exercise has been identified as a complete body builder and calorie booster providing relieve and power to every group of muscles in the body. read more

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How to Tone Up With a Rowing Machine

how to tone up with a rowing machine

Rowing is an excellent cardio workout that is not only effective in building your muscles, but also boosting your caloric level. A “normal” exercise schedule will do a great job on your legs, core, and upper body. However, in order to target certain areas like your waist, you must be willing to work harder. By focusing on high-calorie-burn workouts, you can effectively tone up your waist area with the rowing machine. read more

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How to set Achievable Fitness Goals

achievable fitness goals

When it comes to setting fitness goals, your approach significantly determines whether or not you’ll hit the mark. There should be a careful tradeoff between the size of your target and the reality of you being able to achieve it. Big targets may be hugely inspiring. However, it is important to take a more calculated approach as far as setting fitness goals is concerned. read more

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How does your fitness routine influence what you eat?

How does your fitness routine influence what you eat?

Overweight and obesity are two common prevalent problems confronting most European societies. In fact, a country like Great Britain has often been labelled as an “obese society”, where being overweight is considered normal. Most times the problem can be easily be traced to overeating and living a sedentary lifestyle. Many people have various reasons for not engaging in workouts, and you will probably have yours too if you care less about your fitness. read more

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