Rowing Crazy


“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

The Benefits of Rowing Machines

Understanding the benefits of rowing machines can help you greatly with your fitness goals.  Every gym equipment has a role it plays and fitness enthusiasts will choose what to use at the gym depending on their fitness goals. If you want to build power, the equipment you use won’t be the same as that used by someone trying to lose weight. And some of this equipment can be extremely specific with the muscles they target and what they do to the body.

Rowing machines are different. They target virtually every major muscle group in the body and deliver a full-body workout. This is perhaps the reason why a lot of people are dropping spin bikes for rowing machines. The former delivers a good lower body workout but does very little for the upper body.

With a rower, you can work your biceps, triceps, shoulders; build your leg muscle, your upper back muscle, you name it. Rowing makes your heart pound, you sweat and you burn calories – a lot of calories. This way, a rowing machine boosts the health of your heart.

You can rely solely on a rower for your cardiovascular fitness needs. The machine delivers a complete cardio workout and you can meaningfully increase your heart rate and keep yourself safe from heart problems.

They are effective equipment for weight loss

Since rowing burns a lot of calories rapidly, a rowing machine may be just sufficient to help you shed off all those extra pounds in your body. If weight loss is your priority, you should consider getting yourself a rower. It works out your whole body and can be a quick way to burn fat on your arms, legs as well as your belly.

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Rowing machines can be a cheap way to maximize your fitness gains 

Looking at it from the indoor rowing standpoint, a rowing machine saves you from having to buy multiple gym equipment for your home use. A single rower will save you from having to buy a treadmill, a spin bike and a kettlebell to be able to achieve a full-body exercise. This can be a much cheaper alternative for any budget.

Additionally, rowing from home will save you from having to go to the gym. A single rower is far more affordable compared to a yearly gym membership fee. It doesn’t have to be high end to be the best rowing machine for you. There are lots of low-cost rowers that can serve you just fine. The many rowing machine reviews available online should help you choose.

Rowing machines are handy for people with busy schedules

A lot of people do not exercise because they don’t have the time to go to the gym. You don’t have to bother about the gym once you have your rower. You’ll be doing all your workouts from home, at the time of your choosing: early in the morning just before leaving home for work, or late in the evening after returning home from work. You can work out during weekends or on weekdays. All these are upon you to choose after assessing how your daily schedules look.

The machines help in muscle toning 

As you row, you make use of practically every major muscle group in your body. The exercise gives your joints a thorough workout and being low impact, rowing can offer intense results progressively and steadily. As a rower, you work your hips, your legs, your buttocks, and your entire upper body; core and trunk with each stroke. This can markedly strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back without tasking your backbone.

Another great benefit of a rowing machine is stress management!

Studies reveal that cardiovascular exercises, above other forms of training help, increase the amount of brain hormone endorphins released in the body. Since these hormones have analgesic properties in the body, they can significantly reduce stress and even alleviate feelings of depression.

You’ll love the fact that you can row while doing other leisure activities like watching TV or a movie or listening to music. This kind of combination can be extremely refreshing. In essence, a rowing machine is more than a piece of gym equipment in your home; it is more of a tool of convenience that you can turn to when you feel all worked up.   So there you go there are so many benefits of using a rowing machine, so why wouldn’t you row!