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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

Rowing Machine Benefits for Women & What It Does to Your Sex Life

rowing machine benefits for women

Ladies, today’s article is strictly about us.

I know that every single one of you wants to get in the exercise that you know your body needs. You’ll feel better when you get in some regular exercise and that you truly wish you could do more, however…

I also know all too well how life truly is. By the time you finish work, maybe do some grocery shopping, fix dinner, clean the kitchen, get your kids to bed. When the heck are you supposed to squeeze in a trip to the gym?

Like you, at one time I was in the same predicament. I would try to do some crunches while I watched the news or jog in place, and while that is better than nothing, it doesn’t really get you into the great cardiovascular health that you need and the streamlined body that you want.

Would you believe that I actually found the perfect machine that WILL give you the results you want? Yes, as you can tell from the title, I found the answer from a rowing machine!

You can work out from home and do that for only 20-30 minutes of your day. Not 60 minutes or 90 minutes, just 20-30 minutes. Even a busy mother or wife has 20 minutes for herself, right?

And oh yes, this will definitely be a boost to your sex life! Don’t stop reading now, you REALLY want to know this info!

Is Rowing Good for Ladies?

It’s not only good, but you can also count on heaps of rowing machine benefits for women with the right attitude.

lady working at gym to improve her female rower body

I’m sure that many of you are trying those booty bands to make your peach look big and round. You might be spending time, when you can find it, to do those spin classes, do those boring stair climber routines, or even hit the treadmill for an hour hoping to burn some calories.

You can leave all that behind now because you’ll find more reasons to shift to rowing or erging as it is also called (learn more about what is erging here).

Benefits of Rowing

Works the Major Muscle Groups

Rowing workouts are the perfect exercise, especially for women, because it works all the major muscle groups. It’s a low-impact aerobic exercise that works the entire body. OK, maybe not your face, but that’s about it!

Rowing is a full-body workout, which means you don’t have to move from machine to machine or even do weight training or other types of exercise if you don’t want to. It saves you money, and more importantly, time.

Good for the Heart

If you are concerned about your heart health, your doctor may have told you to get in more aerobic exercise to prevent heart disease. A rowing machine is an excellent cardio workout that will get your heart pumping within just a few minutes!

Burns Calories Like Crazy

Indoor rowing machines will burn calories like no other machine at the gym, which means that you will lose weight quickly or maintain your current weight without dieting!

More food without weight gain?? Who doesn’t want more of that??

Builds & Tones Muscles

I know that many women take on strength training because they want larger muscles, but you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, right? One of the best rowing machine benefits is that you will build new muscle, but not bulky ones.

how to get the best rower's body for a female

If you’ve ever seen a professional dancer’s leg muscles, you will notice that they are big and strong, but they are lean and tight. Rowing will give you a dancer’s legs and arms.

Keeps Your Body in Shape

Last, I know that every woman dreads the changes that will happen as we age. Gravity causes things, like boobs, to sag. Rowing works your chest muscles ( read more on what muscles are used in rowing ), that support the breasts, so you will have perkier breasts for many years after your friends have fallen.

Let’s be honest, ladies, who doesn’t want to look better than our friends?

Whether you’re looking to improve your health or improve the way you look in a mini-skirt or tight jeans, rowing machines will give it to you.

Can Women Lose Belly Fat on a Rowing Machine?

Yes, you absolutely can!

woman rowers body

One of the many rowing machine benefits for women is that you will shred fat right off your body with every rowing stroke you make.

Of course, keep in mind that you will still need to eat a healthy diet and do some WORK on your indoor rower. You can’t eat cookies as you row or eat half a cake each night and expect to lose weight.

However, just by spending 20-30 minutes most days of the week doing a rowing exercise routine, you will burn major calories. Burning calories is perhaps one of the main reasons women exercise, right? So you want to blast away that fat as quickly as possible.

Rowing machines were made to burn fat (read more)!

You should know that you can’t spot-reduce because your body will take fuel from your stored fat as it pleases. As you keep working out and as your body burns fat from where it chooses, it will eventually have no choice but to burn that belly fat.

Don’t forget that a rowing workout routine also works your abdominals when you use the proper form. So get your figure back quickly by using your indoor rower for 20-30 minutes a day!  However if you want to torch calories in less time be sure to check out the Power10 Rower, it burns the most calories.

Learn about the Hydrow Rowing Machine

How Can Rowing Machines Improve Your Sex Life?

I’m sure I speak for a great many women when I say that, as we get older and our responsibilities become greater, we have two problems in our sex lives:

  1. We are too tired for sex.
  2. We aren’t happy with the way we look so we avoid sex.

Let me tell you how rowing is going to improve your sex life.

One of the great rowing machine benefits for women is that as our cardiovascular health improves and our weight drops, we’ll have more stamina and endurance (see which machine made Oprah Winfrey Favorite Things 2021).

As I mentioned before, rowing burns tons of calories so it will help you shed excess weight quickly, and it improves your heart and lung function. More oxygen to the muscles from improved heart function means more energy for those muscles.

When you have more energy, you will be able to think about having sex before you sleep!

A rowing machine will also give you a lean silhouette that will make you proud of how you look. You won’t feel like hiding behind a granny nightgown! Within a few weeks, I bet you’ll be looking through Victoria’s Secret catalog!

When you look good and feel good, your sex drive will return, which will make you look good and feel good. See how that works?

That’s one of the many benefits of rowing! Side Note:  If you want a see an interactive rower be sure to read my full Aviron Rower Review

Other Rowing Machine Benefits for Women

These aren’t nearly as exciting, but they do matter!

lady working out on a rowing machine to get health benefits

Full-body Workout

Indoor rowing works about 86 percent of the muscles in the body, which means this full-body workout is all you need to stay in shape.

Of course, you can do other types of exercise on your off days, but if you don’t want to, rowing is actually all you need!

Improves Immune System & Mental Health

Rowing will improve your immune system, your mood, your posture, and even reduce joint pain by strengthening the muscles that surround the joints. Side Note: Learn more – is rowing is good for arthritis

I wasn’t kidding you when I told you that rowing is the perfect exercise!

The Bottom Line

While everyone appreciates having a strong immune system, a healthy heart, and great posture, no one is going to congratulate you on your flexible blood vessels, right?

Women everywhere want to have the energy to do everything that we need to do and have some left over for the things we want to do.

We want to do everything and look good doing it!

Indoor rowing workouts are the answer to your time issues and lack of energy problems.

Check out the following so you can get the best indoor rowing machine for your home gym and start looking (and feeling) better than you have been in years!

Stay healthy, friends, and happy rowing!

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