Rowing Crazy


“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

Why A Rowing Machine is The Best Home Workout

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There is a new fitness trend in town, and it’s the one you probably didn’t expect. Suddenly, everyone is switching their bikes for rowing machines, there are rowing classes and it’s spreading quickly.

But the truth is, rowing is one of the most effective exercises ever, as Healthline reported. Every part of your body has a purpose, and each is promptly used as you move. While people may assume that it’s just their hands that are working out, rowing is more about your core and your legs as well.

You are required to be in sync with other rowers and work with them. It keeps your heart rate high and it requires a lot of strength. It burns more calories than cycling and it makes you stronger.

The exercise also helps you improve your posture.

There are machines designed for indoor rowing and they can be found in many gyms and classes today. It gives results, and that’s what people love.

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Workout for your whole body

It targets around 85% of the muscles in your body which means that each movement is performed properly while toning your body. All the major muscles in different parts of your body have to be activated for you to perform this exercise. It’s strength and cardio all rolled up into one exercise which means more time for you and better results.

Hard to hurt yourself

Most people have suffered some form of injury if they have done a treadmill workout or cycling. For example, some have hurt their ankles or knees. This usually happens because of the intensity of the workout.

However, with rowing, you can exercise at any intensity you want, and you still won’t be able to hurt yourself. Even if you continue running, it’s good to take up rowing because it will boost your cardio without you running more.

Training often

ladies learning simple rowing workouts classes

If you want to lose weight consistently, a good idea is to take up rowing, especially if you don’t want muscle pains as hard as you would normally get from other types of exercise. They don’t take up a lot of space and you can find the perfect one to fit into your life by looking up a list of compact rowing machines. For rowing, you have to move in a way that causes tension but not like other forms that require a breakdown of muscle tissue.

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Glutes and tummy

Instead of just working on each of them in separate exercises, you can easily target them both with rowing. Your core will work out more as you row, so you will essentially be doing a mini sit up which is great for tightening of your body.

Better posture

Your posture is probably terrible, depending on what your workday looks like. But, considering that most of us sit around all day hunched over screens – even if that’s not our job – it’s a good idea to incorporate an exercise that activates your back and improves your posture. Just be careful not to slouch when you pull and that you are sitting properly.

Lean legs

Legs are an important part of your rowing workout. Rowing may not seem that beneficial for your legs, but in fact, this exercise is about 60% legs and you will definitely feel it in this area. So, this could be a perfect exercise for you, and it could help you deal with your entire body at once.


There are many benefits to this training but it’s also a versatile exercise. You can do high-intensity training on this and lose fat with strength training. It’s also a good cardio exercise. Experts state that it can be high-intensity or steady-state. Some trainers are combining both with doing steady-state training and then a few days before the race they add higher-intensity training.

You can fit it to your needs

One of the best parts about training on a rowing machine is that you can make it fit your needs. For example, you can change the settings to help you do your best. Don’t make the resistance too high in the beginning, make it just right to be challenging but not too challenging. If you make the resistance too high in the beginning, you will put too much force on your back, and you can end up in a lot of pain.

It’s a new skill

Rowing is not just a good exercise, it’s a useful life skill. It’s not as simple as sitting on a bike or running. It has a lot of technique and skill that goes into it. The better you get the more you will want to do it. Your rowing will be useful if you ever really want to get into the sport, and also if you, at any point in your life, you need to row on actual water.


Working out is all about how good you feel. And, for most people, metrics are a motivational factor. Seeing those numbers improve is one of the best ways to know how well you are doing. A rowing machine gives you real changes and real stats on how you’re doing. You’ll have a better time than with any other machine and you will be able to track what is happening and how you’re doing.

You can’t be lazy

When in a spinning class, you can just change the resistance to make it lower, especially if it’s been a really hard day. The instructor will never know if you’ve done this and you could just be free-wheeling the whole time. Soon enough, this can turn into a habit – if you’ve done it once, you will probably repeat it many times.

However, it’s really obvious when you are doing this in a rowing class. The machine will grind and you will have to work the entire time if you don’t want to be embarrassed when your trainer calls you out for not working hard enough.

And let’s face it – if you have already dedicated that hour to exercise, you better spend it doing things that bring results.