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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

52 Funny Rowing Puns – A Stroke Of Humor

Funny Rowing Puns - a stroke of humor

Hi friends! Anyone who knows me knows I love a good laugh, but anyone who knows my mother knows that she is infamous for bad puns (and bad rowing jokes).

I thought that, for a little change of pace, I would lighten up things and go with some puns that are sure to make you smile. Or groan.

Who knows? You might discover your favorite new pun along the way, OAR maybe you’ll just enjoy a little humor this afternoon.

Whatever you have in mind, I hope you enjoy my favorite puns about rowing.

Get on your water boat and let’s get ready to rowl with laughter!

Top 10 Funniest Rowing Puns of All Time

What did the rower say when asked what he was doing

Well, I’m not sure there’s a contest for the best rowing jokes or rowing puns, so maybe I should title this “MY funniest rowing puns”?

  1. What did the rower say when asked what he was doing?“I don’t know. I’m just going with the ROW.”
  2. Why was the rowing crew’s party so popular?It was a SPLASH!
  3. Ask your coach why they are so calm during regattas, and they will probably say,“It’s because I’m well OARganized.
  4. The coach found complete mayhem in the boat house. He looked around and screamed,“What the heck is ROWING on here?!”
  5. Two single scullers were on a date. At dinner, one rower looked at the other and said,“Are we rowing Dutch?”
  6. The coach sees a rower completely naked from the waist down.“What are you doing?” demanded the coach, “Are you rowing commando?”
  7. As a crew was getting ready for the regatta, one member started acting crazy.“Look out”, said the coach, “It looks like Joe is going COASTAL.”
  8. A coach sees a rookie loading the shell with trash.“What is that?” asked the coach. “I’m going to row it away” said the rookie.
  9. Two rowers who did not get along were seen in a double scull recently. The coach asked,“Is she really rowing out with him?”
  10. The coach sees an exhausted rower on the erg.“How long has this been rowing on?” he asked.

The coach sees an exhausted rower on the erg

OK, how many of these are groaners? Personally, I think these are pretty darn funny, but then again, rowers have a strange sense of HUMOAR.

Top 10 Funniest Puns About Ergs

Top 10 Funniest Puns About Ergs

If you haven’t cursed your rowing machine at least once or twice, you haven’t used it nearly enough! The erg is every rowers demon or angel, I suppose, so let’s laugh at these extraOARdinary machines.

  1. Today, someone told me that an erg was easy. Water load of rubbish!
  2. Why did the erg go to therapy?It had ROWmantic issues.
  3. What did the erg say to the rookie?You’re really ERGing me!
  4. What do you call a rower who is always on the erg?He’s a ergoholic.
  5. The erg was feeling philosophical and asked, “If a rower works out on an erg and no one’s around to hear it, did they still make gains?”
  6. Using an erg takes practice. You need to develop a ROWtine.
  7. Oh Buoy! I hate this erg!
  8. Did you know many rowers die while using the erg?They usually have a stroke.
  9. What happened to the rower who fell off the erg?Nothing. He had a thick SCULL.
  10. If you want to succeed on the erg, you need to be ROWbust.

Oh my! My sides ache from these! I love erg jokes, don’t you?

10 More Rowing Puns Because They Are BOATiful!

What happens to rowers convicted of a crime

If you are groaning at that one, just wait! I’ve got a BOATLOAD of puns!!

  1. I asked the coach a question, but he said he didn’t know the answer. I guess he was CREWless.
  2. Why are male rowers so old fashioned?Probably because they wear BOAT-ties.
  3. I watched a rowing boat pass ours, and I thought “OARS looks so much better than that!”
  4. What happens to rowers convicted of a crime?Are they put on death ROW?
  5. Why did the farmer take up rowing?He wanted to know how to properly ROWTATE his crops.
  6. What is a crew’s favorite type of humor?OARiginal jokes and puns, of course.
  7. I found out today that one of the crew members – always rows with his BRUDDER.
  8. My mother was worried I would catch a cold while rowingbut turns out I only caught a crab!
  9. Hurry up, I told my friend, OAR we’ll be late to practice.
  10. I feel awful, I told the coach. He told me to go to the DOCKtor.

What is a crew's favorite type of humor

Are you lovin’ these? I knew you would! Let’s keep it going!

10 More OARsome Rowing Puns!

Have you ever laughed so hard that you started laughing at your laughter? That’s how I feel here- we’re on the same boat! I can’t stop!

OARsome Rowing Puns

Here are more oar-inspiring puns:

  1. How do coastal rowers say hi to once another?They wave.
  2. What do carpenters and rowers have in common? – They both use drills.
  3. Did knights know how to row?Of course! They went on CREWsades, didn’t they?
  4. The coxswain was a natural at navigation.They had an “un-cox-scious” ability to steer the boat in the right direction.
  5. Why was the lion a good crew member?He had an excellent ROWr.
  6. What is a rower’s favorite drink?A COXtail.
  7. How do you make a rower look younger?Try BOAT-tox.
  8. What did the coach say about catching a crab?“KNOT on my watch!”
  9. What did the rowers say when they found they were changing to coastal rowing?“We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

I know, the flagrant IN-Decent-Sea of these puns! It’s OARful! LOL.

Oh Buoy! 10 More Puns!

Why was the astronaut such a good rower

I know that I have a serious problem with puns, but I’m KNOT going to stop now!

  1. I asked the coach if he knew what was going on.“I don’t have a crew,” he said.
  2. My daughter told me she wanted to be a professional rower.“Are you SHORE?” I asked.
  3. I think the coach wants me to spend more time rowing.He just asked me “WATER you doing tomorrow?”
  4. My friend fell out of his shell yesterday.They asked me to identify the ROWmains.
  5. I asked if my friend could go out this afternoon.Not today, he said, maybe tomorROW.
  6. I saw the strangest thing out in the field near the club house.Someone said it was a scarecROW.
  7. The rower was a huge fan of science fiction and claimed they were on a missionto “row-lly” explore strange new waters! Kinda gives you the BOAT-terflies!
  8. Rowers are a superstitious bunch.They won’t tolerate a black cat OAR a ladder near their boat house.
  9. Why was the astronaut such a good rower?He’s been in OARbit quite a while.
  10. If I read one more coastal rowing pun, I’ll have a SEAsure.

Did you like these? I ROWLLY hope you did!

Just a Few More Before You Row

If you don't like my rowing puns you can always go to HULL.

OK, so now that you know that rowers enjoy jokes and puns, let me tell you my top 5 favorite puns of all time.

  1. My son is really into his girlfriend. – He keeps calling her “Bay”.
  2. Did you hear about the rowers who got married?They really TIDE the knot in style!
  3. Why do rowers always get into trouble in groups?They always succumb to PIER pressure.
  4. What did the coach do when the rookie was late?He gave them a STERN talking to!
  5. If you don’t like my rowing puns,you can always go to HULL.

You might say that these jokes are a bit OVERBOARD, and you’d be correct!

I do hope that you enjoyed them. Feel free to pass them on to friends!

If you have any other funny rowing pun that you’d like to share with our rowing community – whether you find them on Facebook or Instagram, or you invent some yourself – please feel free to email them to us via our Contact PageFacebook or YouTube Channel.  We would love to see them too!😊