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“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing
We Actually Row!”

“We Don’t Just Talk About Rowing – We Actually Row!”

The Necessary Equipment For The Best Home Gym Workout

best home gym machine

We need food and water to survive. But it also depends on what type of food we choose to eat. If you prefer to eat junk food, then you could seriously gain weight and have health problems in the future. Most people nowadays do. They start hating their bodies, especially women because cellulite starts to form in some places of the body. The first thing to do is to eat more healthy and drink lots of fluids.

The second option would be to start working out to burn all of that fat. The process is sometimes slow but very beneficial. The more you increase the physical activities, the faster you would be able to tighten those muscles and burn through all of that excess fat. However, our bodies do need fat to function. But you shouldn’t go overboard with it. Reduce the intake of fatty foods and start working out. Click on the link for more information

Luckily there are places like gyms that people go to, to perfect their form. Some choose to go to a fitness class regularly, and some want to transform an empty room into their own personal gym. Some beginners usually get shy when they start to work out in the gym. That’s why they turn to building a home gym and buy their own equipment to work out in peace and quiet. You can do that as well. Here is some of the stuff that you can find useful:


building the best home gym

They are great for a slim definition on the arms and hands. You would be able to do a lot of exercises with them, and they don’t cost much. Also, you can find kettlebells at a sports store or order them online and have them delivered to you. You can do a lot of physical activities with them in just a short period of time. Don’t worry because they will make you sweat, and that’s the point of a good workout.

Yoga Mat

When building a home gym consider the activities you plan to do on the ground, you’ll need a yoga mat. This item will make your body feel quite comfortable. Also, it’s not advisable to do exercises on very hard surfaces. You can easily damage your back or even break a bone somewhere. Yoga mats are soft, and they will support your body. You can feel comfortable and at the same time, do different types of exercises that involve lying on the ground. They are also very easy to find and buy.

Battle Ropes

Looking for a good cardio workout? Then you should definitely try out the battle ropes. You can perform slams and waves. All you have to do is attach the rope to a strong anchor. Plus, you’ll need a little more space in your home gym to do all of the exercises. If you got everything covered, then you can feel those muscles burning. This might be difficult for a beginner, but once you develop a routine and discipline, it’s always a good thing to have in your personal home gym. You won’t regret it.

Punching Bag

You’ll need to attach this item first. Attach it to something that will hold the bag properly. With a punching bag, you can define the muscles on your arms as well as relieve yourself of frustration. We can quickly get angry and frustrated, so we need to channel that anger somewhere. The most practical way is to throw a few punches at a punching bag, and you’ll be able to notice a difference in your mood right away. Also, you’ll need gloves and wraps to punch. Don’t start hitting without them because you can break the bones in your hands. Click here.


Lifting weights is probably something that you’ve seen even in movies and TV shows. These items are exceptional for those that want to have muscular arms and well-defined biceps. Also, you can place them anywhere you want around the room. They don’t take up much space. You can purchase lighter and heavier ones as well. When you feel like really working those arms, then do exercises with the heavier ones. When you want to focus more on the other parts of the body, then use the lighter ones.

Rowing Machine

best home gym equipment

Well you know I’m a bit biased here, I love exercising on a rowing machine.  But seriously they are great for cardio and for an all over body work out, with the added bonus of being low impact on your joints.  The good news also is that you can buy a great home rowing machine really cheap these days too!  Click here to see my “Top Rowing Machines for Under $500”.


I hope you found my list of how to get the best home gym workout inspiring and that with this information you can now go out and start building your very own home gym.

Enjoy exercising in the comfort of your own home – you will feel so much better for it and you will save heaps of money by not signing up to a ongoing gym membership!