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Why A Rowing Machine is The Best Home Workout

simple rowing workouts classes

There is a new fitness trend in town, and it’s the one you probably didn’t expect. Suddenly, everyone is switching their bikes for rowing machines, there are rowing classes and it’s spreading quickly. read more

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Water Rowing Machine vs. Concept 2 – Who Won?

Water rowing machine comparison with Concept2

Are you wondering which of these machines is your best choice? The choice comes down to either a WaterRower or Concept 2. They are both extremely popular because of the combination of versatility and durability they deliver. read more

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Rowing Machine vs Treadmill for Weight Loss

rowing for weight loss

Have you ever wanted to know who wins the rowing machines vs treadmill battle? It is not easy to choose between two very useful machines. read more

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Is a Rowing Machine Bad for Your Back?

is a rowing machine bad for your back

 If you are considering buying this exercise machine, you are probably aware of the many benefits of rowing. The question is whether it is a good choice if you are prone to back pain. read more

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